1. Overview
2. OROCOS vs w4orocos
3. Documentation
5. Licensing
6. Articles

1. Overview [up]

OROCOS Open RObot COntrol Software  it is portable C++ libraries for advanced machine and robot control. Orocos contains:

  1. Kinematics and Dynamics Library (KDL)
  2. Bayesian Filtering Library (BFL)
  3. Orocos Toolchain (AutoProj, RTT, OCL, OroGen, TypeGen)

OROCOS is powerful and popular framework for robot development. It allows to create cross-platform portable distributed software. In the current moment OROCOS supports the next operation systems:

  1. GNU Linux — generic Linux based OS with POSIX API
  2. LXRT Linux based OS with LXRT module and RTAI (real-time API)
  3. Xenomai — real-time framework
  4. eCos — real-time OS
  5. macOS X
  6. Win32

One part of OSes allows to develop real-time software, but other part is not.
Supported processor architectures:

  1. i386
  2. x86_64
  3. PowerPC
  4. ARM
  5. ia64

Project w4orocos increase these features and add supporting of new OS — WrmOS and new architecture SPARC. Build system of w4orocos allows to develop, build and run the same projects on gnulinux (localhost) and on WrmOS (target board).

2. OROCOS vs w4orocos [up]

w4orocos — is fork of OROCOS project with additional supporting of WrmOS and SPARC. Therefore w4orocos provides all OROCOS features and new OS (WrmOS) and processor architecture (SPARC).

3. Documentation [up]

External documentation

  1. The Orocos Project
  2. OROCOS account on github

w4orocos documentation

w4orocos documentation consists from next clauses:

  1. Build system
  2. Configuration

4. Downloads [up]

w4orocos sources can be downloaded from github.

git clone https://github.com/wrmlab/w4orocos.git

Also may be used zip archive.

5. Licensing [up]

w4orocos project is distributed under the MIT license.

A short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.

Be careful with third party licenses — see OROCOS license on its site.
For distribution w4orocos under other licensing please write a message in contact form.

6. Articles [up]

  1. How to get toolchain
  2. Running w4orocos