1. Overview
2. Subprojects
3. Reports
4. Articles

1. Overview [up]

WrmBot is a hardware robot manipulator.
The project is under development since 2018 year and hasn't been published yet.

The main goal is to create low-cost robots that work in cooperation with each other. Such 2-3 robots, computer-vision and control software will be combined into a robot-cell. And this robot-cell will be able to assemble composite devices, play musical instruments, and etc.

2. Subprojects [up]

WrmBot project consists of set of subprojects:

  1. SimpleGripper — simple and low-cost (5-10$) 2 fingers gripper. It allows to Pick And Place small objects.
  2. NeedleGripper — simple and low-cost (5-10$) needles gripper. It allows to Pick And Place small soft objects.
  3. SimpleGearbox — simple gearbox with involute gears for robot joints.
  4. PlanetaryGearbox — planetary gearbox for robot joints.
  5. WaveGearbox — gear box with wave transmission (harmonic drive), it can be used for robot joints.
  6. MotorBox — box to hold motor and encoder.
  7. SimpleArm — simple and low-cost (50-100$) robot manipulator. Main goal — prototype for next robot arms.
  8. SmallArm — simple and low-cost (100$) 6-DOF robot manipulator.
  9. StrongArm — 6-DOF robot manipulator with good payload (3kg), repeatability (1mm), accuracy (1mm).
  10. HumanArm — 5-fingers human-like robot manipulator. May be used in industrial operations or like prosthesis.
  11. ComputerVision — computer-vision subsystem, need to locate object position and orientation.
  12. ControlBox — software control subsystem, need to control robots and robot-cell.

3. Reports [up]

## Video Report Description

WrmBot: NeedleGripper.v01: Report #1 - It works!

Very simple and low-cost Needle Gripper (cost about 5-10 $). It allows to pick and place pieces of food. Spring allows to pick pieces without precise positioning of gripper.


WrmBot: NeedleGripper.v01: Report #2 - Pick with random pieces orientation.

Needle Gripper is able to pick pieces of food with random orientation. Not need to set precise gripper position.


WrmBot: NeedleGripper.v01: Report #3 - Gripper cluster - 1 pick, N places.

Cluster of needle grippers allows to do one pick action for N (number of grippers) place actions. It makes possible to save time for replacing several objects from one place to other places.


WrmBot: SimpleGripper.v01: Report #1 - It works!

Very simple and low-cost 2 fingers Gripper (cost about 5-10 $). It allows to pick and place small objects. Grasp force can be tuned for each object. You can see how the gripper picks cucumbers very gently.


WrmBot: SimpleGripper.v01: Report #2 - 1 active and 1 static fingers.

SimpleGripper allows to setup 1 static finger and 1 active finger. You can see how static finger-spatula picks object and active finger holds object on it.

4. Articles [up]